Available Voucher Funds
All Approved Technologies
$ 66,640,234
Small Fleet Low NOx NG
$ 7,440,000

Program Eligibility

Fleets must register the HVIP vehicle(s) and operate them in the state of California for three years.

A vehicle manufacturer of the following technologies must apply to have the vehicle technology approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to become HVIP-eligible:

  • Hybrid, zero-emission (hydrogen fuel cell, battery electric), aerial booms with ePTO
  • Plug-in utility vehicles with exportable power
  • Conversions of zero-emission and hybrid vehicle technologies
  • Low NOx engines

Once approved, the vehicle technology will be added to the Eligible Technologies list.

To participate as an approved vendor or dealer, one must fall into at least one of the following categories:

  1. A hybrid or zero-emission truck or bus dealership with  a written agreement with a medium- or heavy-duty vehicle manufacturer with a valid business license for the past two years.
  2. An original hybrid or zero-emission truck or bus vehicle manufacturer which manufactures HVIP-eligible vehicles and sells those vehicles directly to fleet.
  3. A hybrid or zero-emission truck or bus manufacturer with a written agreement with a medium- or heavy-duty vehicle manufacturer and have a valid business license for the past two years.
  4. An engine manufacturer which manufacturers engines meeting any tier of the optional low NOx standard or dealer that offers low NOx engines for sale.

Steps to Participate in HVIP

  1. Vehicle manufacturers must download and complete the appropriate California Air Resources Board HVIP Vehicle Eligibility Application for the eligible vehicle technology.
  2. Submit the HVIP Vehicle Eligibility Application to California Air Resources Board per Submittal Instructions.
  3. Once approved, the California Air Resources Board will send details of the approved vehicle technology to CALSTART for posting on the Eligible Technologies list. HVIP-approved vendors and/or dealers will then be able to request vouchers for those approved technologies on behalf of a vehicle purchaser.
  1. A vendor or dealer must download and review the HVIP Overview, HVIP Voucher  Submission Process SummaryHVIP Implementation Manual (2018) and the HVIP Purchaser Terms & Conditions and Voucher Request Form.
  2. Take the HVIP Dealer Eligibility Quiz and pass with a score of 100%.
  3. Download the HVIP Dealer Registration Terms and Conditions and Dealer W-9 Form. Complete and email a scanned copy to JVollmer@CALSTART.org and mail the original, signed copies of these documents to the address below.
  4. Any dealer training-related questions should be directed to Joey Vollmer (JVollmer@CALSTART.org).
  1. A fleet/vehicle purchaser must work with an HVIP Approved Vendor or dealer to submit a voucher request to receive incentives through HVIP.
  2. The approved vendor or dealer will log in to the VPC using the company account user name and password provided by the Voucher Administrator to complete and submit the voucher request along with a signed purchase order to the VPC.
  3. The vehicle purchaser must sign the HVIP Purchaser Terms & Conditions and Voucher Request Form.
  4. The vehicle purchaser will receive the HVIP incentive at the point of sale. Purchasers are then required to report their odometer readings annually, as described in the Voucher Reporting Training.

Application Resources

HVIP Dealer Registration Terms and Conditions
HVIP Purchaser Terms & Conditions and Voucher Request Form
Dealer W-9 Form

Dealer Voucher Submission Process Summary
Voucher Reporting Training

Questions about individual vouchers should be directed to the VPC Administrator:

Priscilla Barragan
249 E. Ocean Bvld, Suite 325
Long Beach, CA 90802
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Submit vendor and dealer application materials to:

Joey Vollmer
48 S. Chester Ave
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 744-5686
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