HVIP anticipates accepting new voucher requests beginning in early 2021, when fiscal year 2020-21 funding becomes available.

Available Voucher Funds
All Approved Technologies
$ -140,391,046
Small Fleet Low NOx NG
$ 0

Approved Technologies Include Zero Emission, Low NOx, and ePTO

What is HVIP?

The California Air Resources Board (CARB), in partnership with CALSTART, launched the Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) and Low NOx Engine Incentives in 2009, to accelerate the purchase of cleaner, more-efficient trucks and buses in California.

Whether you want to purchase a vehicle, sell a HVIP-eligible vehicle, or want to bring your vehicle into the clean transportation market, this project is can help you achieve your transportation goals.

How to Participate

HVIP anticipates accepting new voucher requests beginning in early 2021, when fiscal year 2020-21 funding becomes available.

Selling HVIP Eligible Vehicles:

Salespeople seeking HVIP funding for the sale of their HVIP Eligible Vehicle must be an HVIP Approved Dealer. Both dealers and manufacturers can apply to become Approved Dealers and must demonstrate an affiliation with an HVIP-eligible OEM.

If you are interested in becoming an HVIP Approved Dealer:

Please follow these steps:

  1. Contact dealertraining@californiaHVIP.org to alert the HVIP Dealer Trainer of your interest in becoming an HVIP Approved Dealer
  2. Review the HVIP Dealer Training Material:
  3. Achieve a score of 100% on the HVIP Dealer Training Quiz. Four or more attempts on the Quiz may warrant additional training
  4. Complete the Dealer Registration Form then send a scanned copy of the Form to dealertraining@californiaHVIP.org.
  5. Once steps 1-4 are complete, the HVIP Dealer Trainer will hold a training phone call to review the training materials and Dealer Registration Form before certifying the interested participant as an HVIP Approved Dealer

Please contact dealertraining@californiaHVIP.org for more information.

HVIP anticipates accepting new voucher requests beginning in early 2021, when fiscal year 2020-21 funding becomes available.  

Criteria for Eligibility:

Any commercial vehicle user in California, including municipal fleets, smalls businesses, school districts and more. If you would like to participate, the vehicle you purchase must be domiciled and operate for at least 3 years in California after the voucher redemption date. Purchasers must also submit activity reports for 3 years.

Steps for Participating in HVIP:

  1. Select a vehicle or vehicles that suit your needs from the below catalog
  2. Contact the affiliated vendor(s) ­– they are trained to apply for and process the HVIP voucher
  3. Provide the vendor with vehicle domicile location and other information
  4. Purchase your HVIP-discounted vehicle!

HVIP anticipates accepting new voucher requests beginning in early 2021, when fiscal year 2020-21 funding becomes available.  

Criteria for Eligibility:

Any manufacturer of a vehicle that meets California HVIP technology eligibility requirements can become an HVIP-eligible OEM. The HVIP Eligible Vehicles Catalog lists all vehicles currently eligible for an HVIP voucher.

How does a vehicle become HVIP eligible?

CARB is responsible for reviewing vehicle eligibility applications submitted by manufacturers and making eligibility determinations. Demonstration vehicles still in the demonstration or evaluation stage are not eligible for the HVIP.  HVIP application and submission instructions are provided below:


For questions regarding vehicle eligibility and eligibility applications, contact Patrick Chen at patrick.chen@arb.ca.gov or ‭‭(626) 350-6520‬.‬‬‬‬‬‬

HVIP Voucher Incentives

FY 19-20 HVIP Funding Tables

Click below to see the FY 19-20 HVIP Funding Tables

Learn More

HVIP FY19-20 Funding Tables

All eligible vehicles may receive an HVIP voucher for up to the funding amounts identified in the tables below.  The Public Transit Bus Voucher Amounts are reserved for public transit agencies that provide transit services to the public. Public transit includes paratransit services operated by a public transit agency. Shuttle buses with restricted services including but not limited to airport shuttles, university shuttles, prisoner transport shuttles, and operated by private fleets are required to use the Zero-Emission Shuttle Bus Voucher Amounts. Only vehicles domiciled in a Disadvantaged Community are eligible for the Disadvantaged Community voucher enhancement.

HVIP Voucher Enhancements

As of October 25, 2019, all voucher enhancements except for the Disadvantaged Communities Plus Up can no longer be requested. Plus Ups requested before October 25, 2019 are not affected.

For more details, click learn more.

Learn More

This is a historical document and the program no longer accepts requests for voucher enhancements except the DAC Plus Up. Voucher requests that were requested before October 25, 2019 will still be able to be redeemed if approved.


HVIP Eligible Vehicle Catalog

Model OEM Technology Type Vehicle Incentives Dealers Battery Model Years GVWR Vehicle Types

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Vehicle incentives displayed represent base voucher amounts. Actual voucher amounts may increase if the purchasing fleet meets certain requirements as described in the HVIP Implementation Manual.

The historical Eligible Vehicle Catalog, effective through Oct. 24, 2019, is available HERE. This catalog includes hybrid technologies and 8.9L Low NOx engines, which graduated from HVIP eligibility on Oct. 25, 2019.

A list of vehicles removed from the HVIP Eligible Vehicle Catalog on Jan. 30, 2020 due to dealer unavailability can be found HERE.

A list of vehicles removed from the HVIP Eligible Vehicle Catalog on Feb. 12, 2020 due to dealer unavailability can be found HERE.

A list of vehicles removed from the HVIP Eligible Vehicle Catalog on Mar. 25, 2020 due a technology transfer to CaliforniaCORE.org can be found HERE.


Notice something missing or out of place? Please let us know at info@CaliforniaHVIP.org!

Approved HVIP Dealer List

Approved Vendor Affiliated OEMs Contacts
A-Z Bus Sales
A-Z Bus Sales, Inc.Blue Bird,Micro Bird,SEA Electric,Lightning SystemsAshley Huff,Esther Hurtado,John Landherr
ABC Bus, Inc.GreenPower Motor CompanyKara Peterson
ADOMANI ZEV Sales, Inc.GreenPower Motor Company,Envirotech Drive Systems IncorporatedMatt Essex,Kevin Kanning
Affinity Truck CenterMack Trucks,Autocar,VolvoSteven Ormonde,Jeff Pruett
Altec Industries
Altec Industries, Inc.Altec IndustriesLaRoy Jones III,Rhawnie Kraak,Blake Mendoza,Matt Owens,Mohammad Shehadeh
Arata Equipment Co.PeterbiltDon Arata
Bakersfield Truck CenterFreightlinerTom Royal
Bergey's Ford
Bergey's Ford, Inc.Motiv Power Systems,ROUSH Clean TechKristin Mark
Big Valley Ford LincolnMotiv Power Systems,ROUSH Clean TechMark Wexler
BusWestThomas BuiltTodd Franssen
BYD Motors, Inc.BYD MotorsCindi Flores,Steven Gao,Diana Zhang
Chanje Energy, Inc.ChanjeTim Weaver
Coast Counties PeterbiltPeterbiltTim Lopez,Bob Souza
Commercial Fleet FinancingMotiv Power SystemsAngie McDowell
Complete Coach WorksComplete Coach WorksPaula Rudd
Creative Bus Sales, Inc.ElDorado National California,Motiv Power Systems,GreenPower Motor Company,PhoenixDaniel Donaldson,Andrew Freer,Drew Hawkins,Jason Hohalek,Keith Holsey
Cummins Sales and Service, Central RegionCummins WestportJeff Shaffer
Cummins Sales and Service, Western RegionCummins WestportTom McEwen,Chris Young
E-W Truck and Equipment Co.Cummins Westport,AutocarJack Nichols
ElDorado National CaliforniaRichard Himes
Excel Truck GroupFreightlinerGeorge McCray
Forest City Auto CenterLightning Systems,SEA ElectricRyan Pritchard
Fresno Truck CenterFreightlinerDarryl Cekalski
GilligGilligMaribel Gonzalez,Joe Policarpio
Golden State PeterbiltPeterbiltChris Ortiz,Randy Ray
GreenPower Motor CompanyGreenPower Motor CompanyErica Baker,Michael Perez
Haaker Equipment CompanyKenworth,FreightlinerMichael Frias
Heil EnvironmentalPeterbiltCooper Morgan
Houston Freightliner
Houston Freightliner, Inc.FreightlinerBill Bruss
Inland-Kenworth USKenworthSteve Abrahams,Tommy Claus,Bob Fry,Tony Olivas,Mark Streelman,Al Vigil
Kansas City Freightliner Sales
Kansas City Freightliner Sales, Inc.FreightlinerRyan Huff
Larry H. Miller Ford - DraperMotiv Power SystemsJames Wilcox
Lightning SystemsLightning SystemsNick Bettis,Patricia Bray,Michael Johnson,Brian Johnston
Mar-Co Equipment CompanyFreightlinerBryan Saunders
Midway Ford Truck CenterLightning Systems,ROUSH Clean TechAaron Herman
Motiv Power SystemsMotiv Power SystemsJillian Solomon,Feroza Stegmann
Motor Coach IndustriesMotor Coach IndustriesMichael McDonald, Ph.D
Nations Bus CorporationMotiv Power SystemsDavid Morris
New Flyer of AmericaNew FlyerJennifer Roche,David Warren
NorCal KenworthKenworthDavid Cedillo,Chris Lacomb
NorCal Vans
NorCal Vans, Inc.Lightning SystemsGreg Hollis
Pape KenworthKenworthAJ Downen,Doug Mayes
Peach State FreightlinerFreightliner,ROUSH Clean TechChristopher Matheis
Phoenix Electric SalesPhoenixJo Anne Avelar,Gillray Cadet,Tarek Helou,Jose Paul Plackal
Premier Truck Group of Salt Lake CityFreightlinerRex Willis
Pritchard Auto CompanyLightning Systems,Motiv Power Systems,SEA Electric,Workhorse Group Inc.,ROUSH Clean TechRyan Pritchard
Pritchard's Isuzu TrucksLightning Systems,SEA ElectricRyan Pritchard
ProterraProterraEthan Carbaguh,Jarrett Stoltzfus
Renaissance Capital AllianceAltec IndustriesMichelle Denno
River States Truck and TrailerFreightlinerDaniel Bruemmer
RivordakXosAustin Benzinger
RO Bus SalesLightning Systems,Motiv Power SystemsJoe Machin
Ron DuPratt FordMotiv Power SystemsMichael Angius
Rush Truck CentersPeterbilt,ROUSH Clean TechJoshua Adams,Eric Alves,Meiyu Bai,Hicidro Campa,Hector Campos,Ted Clavel,Fred Davis,Walter Duarte,Sean Galleher,Jason Guzauskas,Kenneth Kail,Eric Matteson,Cindy Munoz-Martinez,Jennifer Osoria,Jeff Quemada,Mike Szekely,Kevin Voss,Matt Zega
Russell Barnett Ford of TullahomaMotiv Power Systems,ROUSH Clean TechBob Trewyn
Sacramento Truck CenterFreightlinerDean Needham
SEA ElectricSEA ElectricSteve Brooks,Tony Fairweather,Lizen Yumang
SEC Auto SolutionsAltec IndustriesStephen St. Andre
Smart's Truck & Trailer EquipmentVolvoJohn Griffin
South Bay FordMotiv Power Systems,ROUSH Clean TechDavid Hayes,Truman Williams
TEC of CaliforniaMack TrucksVolvoTracey Craik,Jim Farnham,Louis Ma,Jason Trimm,Adam VanderBee
The Lion Electric Co.Lion ElectricMarc-André Pagé
Tom's Truck CenterSEA Electric,ROUSH Clean TechSuzi Elmquist
Truck Country of IowaFreightlinerDrew Hepler,Bill Roth
UltimasterSEA ElectricErik Fuller
Velocity Truck CentersFreightliner,Autocar,Crane Carrier Company,ROUSH Clean TechKirk Albanese,James Blakely,Chris Burlew,John Cannon,Anthony Cicero,Ron Creighton,Grant Curtis,Michael Peloquin,Kurt Ranfranz,Clifford Romero,Joe Snyder,Darioush Soheili,Dean Sterling,Mark Sturdevant,Bob Towle
Western Truck Parts & EquipmentAutocar,PeterbiltSteve Leibrock,Thomas Rafael,Brian Rottweiler,Ron Thoensen
Work Truck DirectMotiv Power SystemsRyan Makris
Workhorse Technologies Inc.Workhorse Group Inc.Pax Lindell,Daniel Zito
Notice something missing or out of place? Please let us know at info@CaliforniaHVIP.org!

Submit a Voucher Request

To submit a voucher request, vehicle purchasers must follow the steps below:

  1. Select an eligible vehicle technology that fits your business needs from the list above.
  2. Contact an HVIP-Approved Vendor to submit a voucher request for an eligible vehicle technology.
  3. Sign the Purchaser Terms & Conditions form.
  4. The vendor or dealer will submit the voucher request to the Voucher Processing Center (VPC).
  5. The vehicle purchaser will receive the HVIP incentive at the point of sale.

Technology Types

HVIP offers incentives for eligible zero-emission trucks and buses; vehicles using engines that meet the optional low-NOx engine standard in California; and vehicles using eligible ePTO technologies.

ePTO (electric Power Take-Off) – Refers to a device that takes power from an on-vehicle source (like a battery) and produces no emissions and which is used to power an aerial boom. Work vehicles with ePTO are deemed HVIP-eligible by CARB based on a demonstration that the vehicle engine does not idle to recharge the battery or to power the truck mounted hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric work equipment utilized for performing stationary work in a typical work day.

Zero-Emission –  Refers to any vehicle that produces no emissions when stationary or operating. Hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric-powered vehicle technologies have been proven to emit zero emissions when powering medium and heavy-duty vehicles and therefore are eligible for HVIP. Other technologies which emit zero-emissions when in operation may be considered for HVIP eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

Low-NOx Engine – Refers to any approved engine or vehicle that is powered by an engine certified to a 0.02 g/bhp-hr NOx standard, which is 90 percent below the current NOx standard. As of Oct. 25, 2019 vehicles equipped with 8.9L Low-NOx engines are no longer eligible for HVIP funding. 11.9 L Low-NOx engines remain eligible for HVIP funding.


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