Available Voucher Funds
All Approved Technologies
$ 70,372,692
Small Fleet Low NOx NG
$ 7,416,650


CARB Releases Proposed FY 2018-19 Funding Plan

CARB has posted the Proposed FY 2018-19 Funding Plan. The CARB Board will consider adoption of the Funding Plan at their October 25 board meeting. The proposed changes to HVIP are on PDF pages 73 through 79 of the Proposed Fiscal Year 2018-19 Funding Plan. If approved by the Board, we will update the voucher amounts for eligible HVIP and Low NOx vehicles to reflect the Board-approved changes on October 26.

Additional Voucher Funding Added

As of April 19, 2018 CARB has added an additional $5,435,822.10 in voucher funding for HVIP.

CARB FY 2017-18 Funding Plan Approved; Voucher Amounts Adjusted

The California Air Resources Board approved the FY 2017-18 Funding Plan that includes $188 million for HVIP. Voucher amounts for new voucher requests have been adjusted today to incorporate the changes outlined in the Funding Plan.


Additional HVIP Voucher Funding Added

CARB has added $32,626,851 in California Climate Investments funding for HVIP vouchers.  The new funding more than covers all voucher requests on the wait list.  Further additional funding is anticipated to be added in early 2018.

New Voucher Amounts Proposed

Changes to voucher amounts for some eligible vehicles have been proposed by CARB staff.  The CARB Board is scheduled to consider the draft Fiscal Year 2017-18 Funding Plan at the December 14 Board Meeting.  The proposed changes to HVIP are on PDF pages 86 through 99 of the draft Fiscal Year 2017-18 Funding Plan.  If approved by the Board, we will update the voucher amounts for eligible HVIP and Low NOx vehicles to reflect the Board-approved changes.

New FY17 Voucher Funding

The following FY17 voucher funding has been added to HVIP: $9.3 million for all technologies; $12.1 million for electric and hybrid technologies only; and $12.1 million for Low NOx engines only.

New Funds Are Coming This Month to HVIP!

New funds are coming this month to HVIP! The latest California Climate Investment funding from ARB for ALL HVIP vouchers will be available soon. This funding is made possible by California Cap and Trade Auction proceeds. This means we will be able to process the zero emission and hybrid Wait List applications, and accept new vouchers for ALL categories, by the end of February 2017. CALSTART has been selected to continue as the administrator for the California HVIP program for a sixth project year and will soon be under contract for the FY 2016-17 funding cycle, which will make these funds available. Thanks for working with ARB and CALSTART staff as we manage the huge demand coming into the project. CALSTART will continue to work hard with State of California officials to open up additional funds for hybrid, zero emission and low NOx engines.

Additional Funding Anticipated

We anticipate adding an additional $4.65 million in voucher funding by mid-November.

Additional Funding and Low NOx Nat. Gas Engines Have Now Been Added to HVIP

The HVIP funding for the current fiscal year has now received an additional $1,162,500. The ticker on the home page reflects all remaining funds that have yet be requested. Dealers of low NOx natural gas engines are completing the application process and we hope to have engines ready for purchase soon. $1,860,000 in voucher funding has been allocated to fund 124 incentives for the Cummins Westport 8.9-liter low NOx natural gas engine.

New HVIP Implementation Manual and Low NOx Engines

The updated rules set forth in this document will apply to all vouchers requested beginning today. The updated program guidelines include vouchers for eligible low NOx engines, a new technology for the program.

CARB Announces an Additional $3,487,500 in FY16 Voucher Funding Is Now Available for HVIP!

The California Air Resources Board has announced that an additional $3,487,500 in FY16 voucher funding is now available for HVIP. Additional voucher funding will be added over the course of 2016.

New Address for Voucher Request Forms

The Voucher Processing Center has moved! Please send any new voucher request forms to: Attn: HVIP Administrator Tetra Tech 249 East Ocean Boulevard, Suite 325 Long Beach, CA 90802

2000th HVIP Voucher Celebrated with Family-Run Business

On August 28, the California Air Resources Board, elected officials and industry celebrated the 2,000th Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher, awarded to Redwood Products of Chino, a small business that invested in a clean, low-carbon hybrid delivery truck. Cleaner trucks mean fewer unhealthy diesel emissions. Read the ARB press release.

ARB Adds $9.15M to Available HVIP Funding

The California Air Resources Board today announced that an additional $9.15 million in FY14-15 funding is now available for HVIP.

New Deployment Map

Check out the new map of HVIP vehicles deployed throughout California. Users can pinpoint locations of hybrid and electric vehicles using this interactive new map. Click here to see the map.

FY 17-18 HVIP Voucher Funding Added

CARB has added $133,176,000 in voucher funding for all technologies, and $7,440,000 in voucher funding specifically for Low NOx vouchers.

All vouchers previously requested are now funded.


Check back soon for recorded HVIP webinars!


Events Calendar

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Event Listing

November 6

Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, CA

For twenty-five years, CALSTART has worked collaboratively to create a sustainable transportation future. This year, CALSTART’s Annual Symposium is co-located with Energy Storage North America (ESNA) for the first time. At this symposium, participants will engage in meaningful discussions as well as we able to focus on accelerating transportation change across the full range of clean fuels and technologies. Nine HVIP eligible vehicles will be displayed at the Green Street Plaza. Participants will be able to see firsthand the available vehicle technologies as well as learn more about them.

Join us at our annual gathering of national policymakers and industry leaders targeting solutions and actions to stimulate thinking toward a 2030 vision for a clean transportation economy. Register today!

October 24

Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA

This year at the California Transit Association’s Fall Conference & Expo, the theme was “Transforming Transit: Redesigning Our Future” where members discussed and studied the megatrends that are reshaping public and private transportation. This conference gave participants the opportunity to broaden the dialog around public transit and what is needed today to be relevant and successful in the future.

Participants had access to the Expo Hall where exhibitors were able to view what’s new in products and services for the transit industry. HVIP was an exhibitor in the Expo Hall and connected with many of the participants. At the HVIP booth, participants learned about the eligible technologies and vehicles as well as how the incentive program is administered.

October 16

McClellan Conference Center, McClellan, CA

HVIP was a supporting partner of the NorCal Clean Technology Forum & Expo and West Coast Collaborative Partners Meeting in McClellan, CA. At this three-day conference, HVIP was featured in three discussion-based sessions as well as a Ride and Drive with HVIP eligible vehicles.

During our discussions “Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero-Emission Vehicles – Toolbox for Fleets” and “Medium- and Heavy-Duty Low NOx Natural Gas Vehicles – Toolbox for Fleets” participants discussed what should be in a “toolbox” to enable fleets to deploy these vehicles in their operations. The HVIP team also led the “Fleet Workshop: Clean Vehicles and Incentives 101” where fleets learned about available incentives as well as heard from fleets that have already deployed alternative fuel vehicles.

The HVIP team facilitated “Kick the Tires” Ride and Drive and Clean Vehicle Showcase. Manufacturers of alternative fuel vehicles were able to display their vehicles as well as participants were able to see and try out the vehicles in-person. This showcase was a great way for participants what technologies are available and get a better idea if they can work in their operations.

September 11

San Francisco, CA

CALSTART’s Global Climate Action Summit affiliate event “Drive to Zero” featured leaders from around the world to “Take Ambition to the Next Level.” It served as a moment to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of states, countries, regions, cities, companies, investors and citizens with respect to climate action and commitment to clean transportation and GHG reductions. It served as a launch pad for deeper worldwide commitments and accelerated action from countries—supported by all sectors of society—that can put the globe on track to prevent dangerous climate change and realize the historic Paris Agreement.

Transformational changes are happening across the world and across all sectors as a result of technological innovation, new and creative policies and political will at all levels. States and regions, cities, businesses and investors are leading the charge on pushing down global emissions by 2020, setting the stage to reach net zero emissions by midcentury. ​​

During “Drive to Zero” HVIP leadership, Michelle Buffington with the California Air Resources Board spoke to the actions and commitments California is making to drive to zero through programs like HVIP.

September 6

Oakland, CA

The Port of Oakland hosted an Incentives Workshop for Port tenants at the Sea Logistix Building in Oakland, CA. The Port’s mission was to educate their tenants on the incentives, vehicles, and technologies available for port drayage and terminal operations.  Presentations were given by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the HVIP team, the Off-Road California Air Resources Board, and OEMs. The HVIP team presented on the technologies, eligible vehicles, and steps to participate. The workshop highlighted an in-use all-electric Orange EV Yard Tractor owned and operated by AB Trucking as well as a BYD yard truck.

August 14

Sacramento, CA

The HVIP team presented alongside with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for the “How to take advantage of State Incentives to Offset Fleet Costs” Session at the Textile Rental Service Association (TRSA) legislative briefing. During the meeting, the HVIP and CARB team provided an overview of available incentive programs, technologies and opportunities available to TRSA members and their fleets.

Leslie Goodbody, CARB, presented on funding opportunities.

July 18

Downey, CA

CALSTART hosted a Voice of the Customer Fleet Meeting at Southern California Gas Company Energy Resource Center in Downey, California. Low NOx natural gas vehicle advancement was the focus of this fleet meeting. Sessions included education of Low NOx natural gas opportunities, technologies, funding options, infrastructure advancement. A fueling station and truck (Peterbilt 579) tour was a highlight of this engaging event. This informative event included roundtable discussions discussing the fleet perspective and a regulator discussion. A wide range of participants included fleets, regulators, and manufacturers.


July 11

Sacramento, CA

Representatives of multiple agencies (state agencies, air districts and utilities) gathered at the second Funders Forum to support the exchange of information and best practices for vehicle and infrastructure incentives. During the meeting, representatives discussed issues around infrastructure, funding, coordination, the value of multi-lateral discussion, as well as leveraging technology “beachheads.”  Agencies discussed the need to work on building a connected wealth of information and have as much commonality as possible across the board for the administration and timing of incentive programs. There is also a need to create a standardized method of infrastructure coordination between multiple entities without confusing consumers. It was determined that these forums are beneficial to make a transformational change in the medium-and heavy-duty transportation sector.

May 24

Stockton, CA

The Car, Bike, and Truck Show with The 100 Best Fleets Forum was hosted by Clean Cities, NAFA, APWA, San Joaquin County Fleet Services Division and The 100 Best Fleets in the Americas in Stockton, CA. The start of the program featured the 100 Best Fleets Forum with best business practices highlighting five technologies changing the industry. The second part of the program brought topics together featuring the Car, Bike & Truck Show. The program featured updates on the VW payout for California and available funding and grants for public fleets. The HVIP team presented on the HVIP Program and its benefits during the event.

May 8

Ontario, California

The CalCIMA [California Construction and Industrial Material Association] Operations Conference provided information on regulations, maintenance, engines, and advanced technologies that are applicable to both mobile on- and off-highway, and stationary and portable fleets. The HVIP team presented on the benefits and considerations to integrating a natural gas vehicle fleet for the panel “On- Highway Heavy-Duty Engine Technology.”  The session highlighted important information on infrastructure and funding, engine and equipment technology, low-NOx technology investments, product support, renewable natural gas, impacts on vehicle drivers, and how fleet size and geography impact a purchasing decision.

April 24

Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California

The National Fleet Management Association (NAFA), the fleet industry’s largest membership association, held its annual conference, the NAFA Institute & Expo (I&E) in Anaheim, CA featuring an all-star speaker line-up. It provided a deep roster of fleet industry leaders who supplied insight, best practices, and strategies for fleet professionals to improve fleet operations, develop products for the industry, and reach company goals. The event program featured 49 sessions of fleet training, education, and workshops; and an Expo floor featuring over 250 companies showcasing their products and services. The HVIP team participated in a session entitled “All Charged Up: Planning your EV Infrastructure”. The session presented issues and solutions associated with providing the infrastructure needed to support electric vehicles.

Tom Brotherton and Kimberly Taylor at CALSTART’s booth in the Expo Hall.

April 16

Lancaster, California

CALSTART’s Leadership Circle, an organization-led membership program, recognizes members who advance the fuel and technology mission by advancing the clean transportation industry. During this year’s Leadership Circle, CALSTART and its members were hosted by HVIP-participating OEM – BYD Motors and discussed the various projects funded by HVIP and the successful deployments. A special site tour was provided by BYD at their Lancaster Plant as well as at the Antelope Valley Transit Agency featuring the all-electric BYD transit fleet charged by both deductive and inductive charging.

March 26

Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento, California

CALSTART’s March 2018 gathering, California Clean Transportation Summit: California 2030, brought industry executives and policymakers together to advance climate action, improve air quality, and strengthen communities with clean transportation technologies as California looks towards 2030. The HVIP Team led two roundtable  discussions on medium and heavy-duty vehicle electrification and low NOx natural gas on March 26,2018. The discussions focused on identifying solutions to address key industry barriers to advanced clean vehicle adoption and participation in HVIP. These roundtables included various perspectives from government, industry and program administrators on how to collaborate, empower action and plan for sustainable clean transportation future.

March 14

Fresno, California

The Fresno State Transportation Institute and CALSTART, in partnership with Fresno State’s Office of Community and Economic Development (OCED) and Project Clean Air hosted the 2018 San Joaquin Valley Transportation Summit: Clean Air & A Healthy Economy. This event was successful in bringing awareness on the necessity of transforming transportation to promote a healthier San Joaquin Valley. There were expert-led workshop sessions, Ride and Drive demos, and the latest in clean transportation technology – all while learning how to access a share of the $220+ million in funding available for clean air projects. HVIP was a prominent program and topic highlighted at the event.

March 12

Riverside, California

The Summit brought together representatives from state agencies, local government, environmental non-profits and community organizations to discuss best practices in promoting community engagement, outreach, and assistance in climate projects. Scheduled sessions included the topics of: Delivering Benefits to Impacted Communities: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going; Overview of California Climate Investment Outreach & Technical Assistance Efforts, Maximizing Social Equity in Climate Projects, Connecting California Climate Investments Projects with Communities, Growing California Climate Investments Program Outreach and Awareness, Building Community Partnerships: Local and Regional Government Strategies, Best Practices for Technical Assistance: Project Development and Implementation. The HVIP team participated to understand opportunities to better engage and collaborate with communities to advance clean transportation and to improve air quality and public health.

May 1, 2017
Hyatt Regency, Long Beach, California

The HVIP Team held a workshop on Low NOx natural gas trucks and buses for industry stakeholders on May 1, 2017. The workshop provided important program information on available incentives, how to participate and allowed for a meaningful discussion between program administrators and stakeholders on how to advance Low NOx natural gas market. Discussion also included the requirement of RNG and important considerations on contract terms and dedicated use of HVIP funded Low NOx vehicles.

Attendees included regulators, vendors and dealers, natural gas fuel providers, fleet representatives, and HVIP administrators

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