Available Voucher Funds
All Approved Technologies
$ 121,958,688
Low NOx NG
$ 13,583,983


All FY17 Voucher Funding ($54 Million) for Electric and Hybrid Technologies Has Been Subscribed

There is still $7.5 million in voucher funding available for Low NOx engines.

We will take voucher requests on a wait list for electric and hybrid technologies.

$135 million in FY18 voucher funding is anticipated to be added in early 2018.

CARB FY 2017-18 Funding Plan Approved; Voucher Amounts Adjusted

The California Air Resources Board approved the FY 2017-18 Funding Plan that includes $188 million for HVIP. Voucher amounts for new voucher requests have been adjusted today to incorporate the changes outlined in the Funding Plan.

Additional HVIP Voucher Funding Added

CARB has added $32,626,851 in California Climate Investments funding for HVIP vouchers.  The new funding more than covers all voucher requests on the wait list.  Further additional funding is anticipated to be added in early 2018.


CARB Releases Final Draft of FY 2017-18 Funding Plan

CARB has posted the final draft of the Proposed FY 2017-18 Funding Plan.  The CARB Board will consider adoption of the Funding Plan at their December 14 board meeting.  The proposed changes to HVIP are on PDF pages 92 through 106 of the Proposed Fiscal Year 2017-18 Funding Plan.  If approved by the Board, we will update the voucher amounts for eligible HVIP and Low NOx vehicles to reflect the Board-approved changes.

New Voucher Amounts Proposed

Changes to voucher amounts for some eligible vehicles have been proposed by CARB staff.  The CARB Board is scheduled to consider the draft Fiscal Year 2017-18 Funding Plan at the December 14 Board Meeting.  The proposed changes to HVIP are on PDF pages 86 through 99 of the draft Fiscal Year 2017-18 Funding Plan.  If approved by the Board, we will update the voucher amounts for eligible HVIP and Low NOx vehicles to reflect the Board-approved changes.

New Funding Coming to HVIP and Low NOx Engines

$40 million in new funding from California Climate Investments is anticipated to be added in November 2017.  The new funding will fund vouchers on the wait list and allow new voucher requests to be funded without a wait list.  An additional $153 million is also expected to be available in early 2018, allowing for continuous funding of all eligible technologies through the 2017-18 fiscal year, based on anticipated demand.

FY16-17 Implementation Manual Has Been Posted

The most recent Implementation Manual has been released and posted. All vouchers issued under the FY16-17 project will use this new manual.

All FY16 Funding for Low NOx Engines Has Been Subscribed

All FY16 funding for Low NOx engines has been subscribed. We are now taking requests for FY17 Low NOx vouchers.

All FY17 Voucher Funding ($21.4 Million) for Electric and Hybrid Technologies Has Been Subscribed

We are accepting voucher requests that will be added to the wait list. Funding for Low NOx engines remains available.

New FY17 Voucher Funding

The following FY17 voucher funding has been added to HVIP: $9.3 million for all technologies; $12.1 million for electric and hybrid technologies only; and $12.1 million for Low NOx engines only.

New Funds Are Coming This Month to HVIP!

New funds are coming this month to HVIP! The latest California Climate Investment funding from ARB for ALL HVIP vouchers will be available soon. This funding is made possible by California Cap and Trade Auction proceeds. This means we will be able to process the zero emission and hybrid Wait List applications, and accept new vouchers for ALL categories, by the end of February 2017. CALSTART has been selected to continue as the administrator for the California HVIP program for a sixth project year and will soon be under contract for the FY 2016-17 funding cycle, which will make these funds available. Thanks for working with ARB and CALSTART staff as we manage the huge demand coming into the project. CALSTART will continue to work hard with State of California officials to open up additional funds for hybrid, zero emission and low NOx engines.

Additional Funding Anticipated

We anticipate adding an additional $4.65 million in voucher funding by mid-November.

Additional Funding and Low NOx Nat. Gas Engines Have Now Been Added to HVIP

The HVIP funding for the current fiscal year has now received an additional $1,162,500. The ticker on the home page reflects all remaining funds that have yet be requested. Dealers of low NOx natural gas engines are completing the application process and we hope to have engines ready for purchase soon. $1,860,000 in voucher funding has been allocated to fund 124 incentives for the Cummins Westport 8.9-liter low NOx natural gas engine.

New HVIP Implementation Manual and Low NOx Engines

The updated rules set forth in this document will apply to all vouchers requested beginning today. The updated program guidelines include vouchers for eligible low NOx engines, a new technology for the program.

CARB Announces an Additional $3,487,500 in FY16 Voucher Funding Is Now Available for HVIP!

The California Air Resources Board has announced that an additional $3,487,500 in FY16 voucher funding is now available for HVIP. Additional voucher funding will be added over the course of 2016.

New Address for Voucher Request Forms

The Voucher Processing Center has moved! Please send any new voucher request forms to: Attn: HVIP Administrator Tetra Tech 249 East Ocean Boulevard, Suite 325 Long Beach, CA 90802

2000th HVIP Voucher Celebrated with Family-Run Business

On August 28, the California Air Resources Board, elected officials and industry celebrated the 2,000th Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher, awarded to Redwood Products of Chino, a small business that invested in a clean, low-carbon hybrid delivery truck. Cleaner trucks mean fewer unhealthy diesel emissions. Read the ARB press release.

ARB Adds $9.15M to Available HVIP Funding

The California Air Resources Board today announced that an additional $9.15 million in FY14-15 funding is now available for HVIP.

New for 2015 HVIP Vehicles

A number of new vehicles have been approved for HVIP vouchers in the past ten months, including hybrid work trucks and all-electric buses. Click here to view the list of Eligible Vehicles.

New Deployment Map

Check out the new map of HVIP vehicles deployed throughout California. Users can pinpoint locations of hybrid and electric vehicles using this interactive new map. Click here to see the map.


Check back soon for recorded HVIP webinars!


Events Calendar

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Event Listing

May 1, 2017
Hyatt Regency, Long Beach, California

The HVIP Team held a workshop on Low NOx natural gas trucks and buses for industry stakeholders on May 1, 2017. The workshop provided important program information on available incentives, how to participate and allowed for a meaningful discussion between program administrators and stakeholders on how to advance Low NOx natural gas market. Discussion also included the requirement of RNG and important considerations on contract terms and dedicated use of HVIP funded Low NOx vehicles.

Attendees included regulators, vendors and dealers, natural gas fuel providers, fleet representatives, and HVIP administrators

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