Available Voucher Funds
All Approved Technologies
$ -12,398,123
Small Fleet Low NOx NG
$ 0

Approved technologies include Zero Emission, Low NOx, Hybrid, and ePTO

CARB Review Requirement for Large Orders

CARB is implementing a review of large voucher requests to ensure incentives do not exceed incremental cost maximums as specified in the FY18-19 Funding Plan, and to help maximize funding availability within the constraints of annual budgets. Effective June 18, large voucher requests, defined as 100 or more vouchers for the same fleet in a 12-month period, are subject to CARB review and approval before voucher-request approval. CARB may reduce voucher amounts on a case-by-case basis to ensure that incentive amounts are consistent with incremental cost policy defined in the Funding Plan. Fleets and dealerships are encouraged to coordinate with CARB regarding large orders prior to submitting a voucher request.

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