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Welcome to the Fleets Page of the HVIP. This page is for any and all fleets that operate vehicles in California.  

Fleet Requirements:
The HVIP is open to all fleets that follow these requirements:
  • Fleets must register the vehicle(s) and operate it in the state of California for three years
  • Fleets are limited to 200 vouchers per fleet
  • Fleets must seek CARB pre-approval for vehicle sale *
  • Fleets must agree to the annual voucher reporting requirment

Below are the Three Steps to Obtaining Voucher(s)

Step 1
Select an eligible vehicle

Step 2
Work with an HVIP-approved dealer and sign the Terms & Conditions
For a sample "Dealer Terms & Conditions" click here
For a sample "Purchaser Terms & Conditions" click here

Step 3
Approved dealer will submit voucher application

* For more information about the requirements, please carefully read the HVIP Implementation Manual.